Saturday was partner Murph! Wasn’t it fun, guys?!?

Find 1RM Push Press

Press: 3×5 (at 80% of 1RM Press)


For Time:




(100 yard sprint after every round)


Our class schedule for the Thanksgiving holiday will be as follows:

Wed 11/21: 6AM, 12PM, 4:30PM, 5:30PM

Thurs 11/22: NO CLASS

Fri 11/23: NO CLASS

Sat 11/24: 12PM Class (we plan on doing a fun partner/team WOD and maybe a potluck after)




  1. Thanks for being so welcoming Saturday. Special thanks to my partner Kenny for gutting it out, but it was great meeting everyone. I’ll spread the good word about Hardware CrossFit and will def be back! Thanks for opening a standout box in Chicago.

    Mat McQueen-Crawford

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